finally home

What a shame its all over ! Having returned the bikes to Ivan’s and a quick visit to the Chinese nets which included a snack of very fresh prawns caught and cooked as we waited, whilst these Prawns were large by our standards they were only half the size to those we had on the house boat, they were just as nice.

It was really good to see the group sitting around slightly misty eyed on having to hand back their bikes. we had ridden about 1000 miles over all types of roads; mountain tracks, dual carriageways and congested cities.

the bikes looked as we picked them up slightly dusty and a bit oily but proud and erect. The bikes had collectively covered over 12,000 miles and we had suffered on Kickstart broken, a couple of punctures( both within minutes of each other. One bike did die the CDI unit had fried   and as we were so close to home it was put in the back of the van.

We actually left the hotel at 6.00am and on this occasion had a almost faultless run through Customs, immigration, police and probably the office cleaners checks. I think we presented our passports to over fifteen different people, were searched twice and asked where we had stayed the previous night, this was much less than last year!  


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