Gordon’s Indian Eating Guide

A meal in India is not a series of courses like in the west, if you look at a restaurant menu you will see there are a few soups and some deserts. But the emphasis is much more on the main course which will contain at least three dishes but often more .The satisfying subtlety is in the balance between these two the way one dish complements another. You might for example have a meat curry, a dal two vegetable curries maybe even two types of bread poppadoms and naans perhaps two chutneys too, say a fresh green one made with mint and coriander and a tomato or chilli and ginger relish. There will often be a salad perhaps sliced cucumber with lime and salt and normally a raita, a cooling yoghurt with mint.

As far as sweets are concerned in an everyday Indian meal you’re more likely just to get a fruit drink and finally a sweet masala chai.

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