gordons photos

We could not make up our  ming if this was a genuine Willys jeep
Niel doing the necessary for the last time
Gordon Williams
Ligal our Indian mechanic he is a lovely chap but really naive to our sense of humor

Roger always there! Roger did a great time as number two checking the bikes had moved off
Wendy and Kevin BOND First timers and really good eggs.
Geoff and Becky Geoff is our local ROYAL ENFIELD dealer and a real mechanical genius
MITCH Beauty and xxlls ! you did well Girl!!!!
The other Steve

Sam our tail end charlie taking over as the leader for a change

one of the house boats we stayed in a real experience

The twins adding the glamor

Shafi wrapped up against the cold

The tail end girls enjoying themselves

Andy and (unfortunately cropped) Kathy I am so please to be able to call them friends

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