Gordon’s Report on Day 3

Gordon’s report

Where do I start here we are on day three and the first time I have had to reflect on our trip so far
It was really good of Kathy and Andy to make the effort to see us off at 7.00am hearing a Royal Enfield thumping up was a great way to kick start the trip. Thanks to SAMs Andy for taking the van back to base.
We arrived in India at about 9 and took a considerable time to clear baggage and customs which I am sure Nigel will report on
A lat. Knute change of hotel meant we stayed a the Kadava resort which Ted will remember as our starting point in 2005
A great night there saw us refreshed for the 9.30 start , bikes sorted and kitted up we left for the hectic hours ride to the bottom the gnats when the traffic disappears and hill appear.
Julia and Pam where coping with the riding and always gave me the thumbs up. Steve well with the exception of a new way of coping with the sun i.e. An umbrella Steve was Steve.
Tony wiggins my old chief inspector, whom I had to salute in the “good old days of policing” Was dropping into the system well and Mike who has only just returned to biking loved the mayhem just like London he says

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