hotel Treetop Thekkady

Well things are starting to slow we have the second of our rest days here at Thekkady a chance to catch up do some washing and enjoy the sunshine
Hotel Treetops is idyllic set into the trees with some of the balcony’s actually in the treetops hence the name. yesterday we had a slight problem when the van was held up by quarry blasting and we had to wait for our change of clothes hence Roger sporting a towel in the fashion of the natives. Being the first of the month alcohol was a slight problem so had to compromise with chefs special.
Sam and I walked into the local town and it was cold enough to want a jumper
its now morning Kevin and Wendy were up with he larks or in this case monkeys, parakeet, peacocks and anything else that wanted to celebrate a new day.
Sam has not surfaced yet I will give it another 30 mins before I dare, Sam has been a stalwart this year faithfully bringing up the rear and in one case bringing in half of the group which just happened to go the wrong way. she has also been the accountant  and keeps check of all the beer and extras purchased.

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