Ok so now things are starting to settle internet wifi phone and video all seem to be working only the go pro to sort now, oh and the leak from my bladder it’s been causing a problem for two days it started with just a drip especially after I had a drink, nothing too much just made my clothes wet but it got worse and I became fed up with people pointing out the trail of wet I was leaving, sometimes if I moved too fast it gushed out,leaving a puddle but I think I have found the problem. as a quick fix I stuck some chewing gum on it but I found that a bit messy, Sam tried some insulating tape but couldn’t get it to stick and then I remembers the Sugru which fixes everything and stuck that on.
I had to hang it out the window and wave it around that caused a stir as not many Indians had seen one that colour or that big
but it seems to have sorted things for a while.

These bladder pack water bottles are essential for anywhere hot but the plastic on them just a bit brittle !

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