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I am currently reading Sanjeev Bhaskar (Sanjeev Kummar from BBC’s The Kummars at number 42) travelogue of his return to India, INDIAwhere he gives a wonderful explanation as to the Indians attitude regarding the use of the horn, which I thought was so vivid and accurate I wanted to share it.

The Horn. Oh the multipurpose ubiquitous, impossibly loud horn of the Indian road. People should write poems to its greatness and its infinite variety. Some sound quizzical. Others furious. Some are funny. Some are sombre. In India, the horn is not an instrument of violence or abuse; every truck I have seen has HORN PLEASE emblazoned across the back. To sound ones horn here [India] is merely to express ones existence and to share that joy with everyone else in a several hundred- mile radius. To the uninitiated or the incredibly tired traveller, the constant sound of the horn is just one of the countless challenges of the Indian environment.

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