Our last morning by the sea

For some reason I can’t send photos so will have to be a be a bit more descriptive, last night we had a typical Indian evening, I know we are in India and can’t except anything different but that’s not what I mean by typical, having returned the bikes and then emptied the van the greater amount of what remained in the tuck being beer which the resort kindly offered to put into their fridge to cool, we then set about reducing this beer mountain, well should I say we helped the two Johns, start to demolish this strain on the resort’s electricity. Everything  was cushty until just before we sat for our meal when I was approached by the manager who was very apologetic and asked very nicely if we could refrain from drinking as there were,

1, Other guests

2. They didnt have a licence,

3 the local might want some,

In atypical Indian manner of beating around every available bush rather than come to the point.

 Of course, we agreed it was no great shakes for us and said we could clear out when they asked, which in due course, and we sat on the beach emptying our glasses

after less than ten minutes we returned  to the dining room bereft  of alcohol and ready to eat when the first thing the waiter and manager asked when we sat  down was to ask was did we want beer,  with the meal. Which they willingly served.

This is Indian.

Anyway after a delicious meal which had everything from crab to chicken to pannier to cauliflower and it was made all the better to have a beer to cap it all off and of course in order to reduce the burden on the fridge we emptied it.

This morning I woke early and went for my normal stroll along the beach the fishermen were all out some on their boats some of which were large and crewed by 6 or 8 men whilst some of the other fishermen were out on one man crafts similar but wider than the Kayaks that you see here. On close examination they were a marvel of invention, they looked if they were formed by tightly stitched woven plastic sheeting over a white expanded polystyrene frame but had evolved to have little winglets at the rear and tubing underneath to aid sliding on the sand. just watching the fishermen come into beach the thing confirmed something that I had thought whilst I was actually swimming in the sea here. The waves here tend to have extra large waves about every five or so minutes, a dozen or so really large breakers.  as I watched the fisherman a slim gaunt man who looked about 60 but was probaly nearer 40 bronzed but with out an ounce of fat  manovered the boat or raft close to the shore but waited about twenty metres out continually glancing over his shoulder out to sea and then suddenly he started to paddle like mad for the shore line I hadn’t notice any difference in the waves but sure enough he caught the highest of the five or six large waves which took him a good twenty feet higher up the beach exactly to the feet of his mate who was patiently waiting to offload his haul of fish.

He had caught a good number of relatively small fish too many for one person to move but between the two of them they dragged the net up to the sorters waiting higher up the beach

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